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What Is Body Wrapping?

Body wrapping eliminates toxins and impurities that have built up in the body, smooths, tightens and softens skin.  The body wrap process involves wrapping the body with cotton and elastic strips of cloth, similar to an ace bandage, which have been soaked and heated to a temperature of 150 degrees in our special wrap formula.  The wraps are applied tightly to areas needing treatment for inch loss, lightly to areas where only skin tightening is desired.  Almost anyone should be able to have a wrap, but if you have a medical problem check with your doctor first.
How Long Does It Take?
Allow a total of 2 hours for the body wrap.  Thirty minutes is spent measuring, wrapping up the body and re-measuring.  You must stay in the wraps for one hour to achieve the best inch loss.  It is important to stay warm during the complete procedure also.
How Many Wraps Will I Need?
Those unwanted inches did not happen overnight and will not go away overnight.  You will need a series of wraps to see long-lasting results.  You can be wrapped as much as twice a week or three times a week as long as there is a day in between.
What To Wear?
During the wrap process, ladies should wear panties and a bra, or a bathing suit, men should wear shorts.  The clothing will get wet during the treatment, so always bring an extra set to wear home.  The wrap is most effective when it comes in contact with the bare skin.
Herbal & Sea Clay Formula
Lose inches, cleanse and detoxify with proven Aloe Vera herbal wrap products.  Lose even more inches with our newly developed seaweed (clay type).  Experience a firming and toning effect similar to a full body mud pack.
How Does The Body Wrap Work?
The concept of the body wrap is such that it improves those areas of your body that you want to work on the most.  Wherever your tissue is the softest and flabbiest, the wrap will firm, tone and reduce more than averages.  Many people are wrapped for detoxification benefits, as well as inch loss and reshaping.  Impurities are flushed from the body through the body's natural waste system by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.
Dry Skin Brushing Before Wrap Treatment
Dry skin brushing prior to the body wrap will remove all dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, stimulate the sweat glands and help to open up the pores.  This enables the body wrap formula and our Miracle Gel to penetrate more thoroughly and effectively.  More importantly, the brushing will stimulate your blood circulation.  You can find these at most drug stores.
Eating half of your foods uncooked, taking in very little salt, drinking at least a quart of water a day will help to cleanse and detoxify your body.
Rules to Keep Inches Off!
  1. Do not use lotions before your wrap or after last shower.  Wait at least  6 to 8 hours after the wrap to shower.  Try not to use soaps, lotions and creams before or after the wrap.  They will clog the pores and will hinder the effectiveness of the wrap.
  2. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces AFTER for at least two days after your wrap.  More days is even better!
  3. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, avoid carbonated beverages (carbonation holds toxins in) limit your salt, sugar and caffeine intake.
  4. Cut down on animal fats (red meats and dairy products).  Fiber and complex carbohydrates are good substitutes.
Pre-Wrap Instructions:
Please reschedule your appointment if you are or may be pregnant, menstruating or have a fever.  If you have health problems that you feel may be threatened by the wrap process, you are advised to contact your Physician for approval.

Please plan on being at your appointment for 2 hours.

Take a warm shower beforehand. (Not Required) This helps to open the pores.

Do not wax within 24 hours of your wrap. It is not advised to shave immediately prior to appointment.  Especially if you are sensitive.

Only use soaps on hands, feet, underarms & face. (Our Aloe Wash is safe)

Do not use lotions. Deodorant is o.k. (Our Miracle Gel is safe)

Wear cotton (preferably) bra and undies, or shorts, that can get wet during wrap. The wrap process will not damage them.

Bring an extra set of bra and undies, or shorts, to change into after your wrap is complete.

Avoid heavy meals for at least one hour before treatment.

Avoid heat treatments the day of wrap.

Remember, body wraps work by infusing minerals through the skin and by breaking down fat cells for elimination so drink lots of water both before and after your wrap to assist in flushing out the toxins and dislodged fat. Although, do know that you will process for at least one hour and will be unable to use the restroom during this time.

Plan on not taking a shower for at least six hours after your appointment.  The longer you can wait, the better.
Post Wrap Instructions:

It is advised that you drink the following amount of water.  Divide your body weight in half.  That is how many ounces of water you should drink per day.
The solution is still in your skin and the detoxification and tightening process can continue for 3-4 days, giving you further inch loss. 
It is advised to wait as long as possible (at least 6 hours) to take a shower or bath.   You can greatly assist this skin tightening process by retaining the solution in the pores, showering with tepid water only.
Limit using soap on the underarm, groin and feet areas only, you do not want to wash the solution out of the pores. (Our Aloe Wash is safe) 
Creams and lotions that could be absorbed into the pores and inhibit the desired action of the retained solution should also be avoided (the wrap is great for dry skin- you should not need lotions for a few days). -(Our Miracle Gel is safe)
Following this procedure for the next 3 or 4 days will greatly assist the overall appearance of the skin.  After 2 or 3 days hot showers and plenty of soap on the entire body will open the pores and eliminate the solution and toxins on which it has continued to act.
Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins out of the body.
Things to avoid to get the full benefit of the treatment are:
~ Tea ~ Coffee ~ Sugar ~ Salt ~ Carbonated Drinks ~ Alcohol ~ Fried and Fatty Foods
Lastly, light exercise and paying attention to your diet will obviously help to reduce weight and keep the toxins to a minimum.
Importance of Drinking Water

Water is probably the single, most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.  Water aids in suppressing the appetite naturally, and metabolizing stored fat!  Studies show that a decrease in water intake causes fat deposits to increase, whereas increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits.  The kidneys do not function properly without water.  It is important to note that the kidneys require water, and other liquids do not replace water.
Soda, pop, coffee, tea, juice, beer, etc., all have a different osmolality than the blood, so water from these drinks will be taken out of the blood when the blood reaches the kidneys,.  Dehydration occurs, and when this occurs, some of the kidney's load is passed on to the liver.  The liver works to metabolize stored fat into usable energy for the body.
If the liver has to aid the kidneys, it can't function efficiently.  Consequently, the liver metabolizes less fat, thus, fat remains stores in the body and weight loss ceases.  Many people whose bodies retain water drink less water hoping to eliminate the problem.  The body sees this action as a threat to its survival, so it attempts to hand onto every drop.  Water is then stored in spaces outside the body's cells.  This causes swollen feet, hands and legs.
Overweight people need more water than thin people.  Larger people have a large metabolic load.  Water also helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving muscles their natural ability to contract.  Water flushes waste from the body, and eliminates constipation.
The best way to overcome excess water retention is to give the body what it needs...Plenty of water!
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